In The News

Woman customer handing paper to a bank teller

USA Today

How Blacks Took Banking into their Own Hands” Vicki Bogan, PhD

photo of barefeet on a bathroom scale

Yahoo Sports

Why Dieting & Investing Are So Alike” Brian Wansink, PhD

photo of smart meter

Cornell Chronicle

Cornell Researchers Aim to Unleash 'Smart Meter' Potential” Bill Schulze, PhD

People dancing

Harvard Business Review

Upbeat Music Can Make Employees More Cooperative” Bill Schulze, PhD

photo of corn cob

The Hill

GMO Labeling Bill Good for Both Environment and the Poor” Harry Kaiser PhD & David Just, PhD

picture of a dessert on a plate

Chicago Tribune

Why You Eat so Much” David Just, PhD

The New York Times

Failure to Lunch” Brian Wansink, PhD

Los Angeles Times

Some See a Dark Side to Powerball Frenzy” David Just, PhD


Young Americans Are Giving Up on Getting Rich” Vicki Bogan, PhD

Wall Street Journal

Study Finds Neighborly Behavior Among Fund Managers” Scott Yonker, PhD


US News

3 Reasons to Eat Lunch with Your Co-Workers” Brian Wansink, PhD


Business News

Manager Buy-In Keeps Wellness Programs Healthy" Brian Wansink, PhD


The Wall Street Journal

Heavier Waiters Make for Heavier Eating” Brian Wansink, PhD

Junk Food

The Huffington Post

Is it Junk Food and Soda That Are Making Us Fat?” David Just, PhD


Wall-Street Journal

Paper Makers’ Promotional Campaign Takes Page From Farmers” Harry Kaiser, PhD


The Wall Street Journal

Study: Stock Opinions Beat Analysts, News” Byoung-Hyoun Hwang, PhD

tv ads

Harvard Business Review

"Research Shows Which TV Ads Are Likely to Make Multitaskers Buy" Jura Liaukonyte, PhD



Super Bowl Ads For Multitaskers” Jura Liaukonyte, PhD



How Mental Health Affects Investor Choice” Vicki Bogan, PhD


PBS Newshour

One Family’s Effort to Buy Black for a Year” Vicki Bogan, PhD


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